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Arranging your travel plan to Bhutan is not difficult as you assume. Once you get in touch with us, you will be informed to produce necessary documents to process your visa and special permit. You will just need to send us the Passport Copy in colour by scan with the validity of one year from the travel date. Once we receive the passport scan copy in colour, It will be arranged within three working days. Kindly note to make your travel plan confirm your travel plan with us atleast a month in advance to make other logistic arrangement as we have very limited good Accommodation and transportation.

Bhutan visas should be arranged through any of the tour operators in Bhutan (only with the tour operators in Bhutan who are registered by the government of Bhutan). No foreign missions or embassies abroad sanction tourists’ visas. As per the government regulations, you are required to make full tour payment in advance and upon receipt of full payment, your tour operators will process visas with the government. It normally takes 2-3 working days to clear your visas. The Bhutan visa confirmation letter will be sent to you in advance and your actual Bhutan visas will be stamped in your passports on the strength of this confirmation letter on arrival at Paro airport. You will have to carry this copy along with you always. Some airports do not allow you to board Drukair flights if you do not have this copy.

For the visa application process, you need to send us the scanned copy of your valid passport via email.